About Us

The research group of Tongji Intelligent Electric Vehicle (TiEV and 途灵 pronounced as [‘tu:’liŋ] in Chinese ) was founded in 2015 at Tongji University. Our vision is to build the fully autonomous vehicle that can drive safely and comfortably by itself in the urban area based on a multi-discipline group. TiEV is also the name of our first driverless EV car built from 2015. It is modified from an electric vehicle of Rowe E50 of SAIC motors. It is equipped with seven vision sensors, four laser scanners, and an integrated GPS+IMU system. The computing systems are composed of two IPCs with quad-core CPU and one embedded system of Jetson Tx2.  The TiEV software is distributed in three computers and implemented in a cross-platform environment. We proposed novel modules of probabilistic perception fusion, large-scale incremental mapping, and the 1st and the 2nd planning. The safety design could guarantee collision-free even if the wrong decision was made. TiEV participated in 2016 and 2017 IVFC and successfully managed to pass most of the tasks. The TiEV software is also transplanted to other autonomous platforms developed by us.