CS100383: Introduction to Computer Science (Fall 2017)



Office hours:

We did not reserve specific office hour/site for this course. But you are welcome to email us at any time.


Class CS10038301 张军旗

Class CS10038302 臧笛

Class CS10038303 赵君峤

Course syllabus:


  1. Please download the feedback table, fill and submit to your course assistant before the 17th week
  2. The 2017 OpenHouse event will be held on Dec. 30, please check the schedule
  3. Answers to Quizzes 1 ~ 5 are available now!
  4. Schedule of CS10038303 is updated!
  5. Check the grouping results! And the Outline of Chaptor 0 is corrected
  6. Please download and fill the pre-course questionnaire and submitted to your course assistant before the 23th Sep.
  7. The 2016 CS_OPENHOUSE ! photo

Lecture slides

Slides (asterisk: self-learning topics) Reading materials
Chapter 0: Introduction part 1 part 2
Chapter 1: Data storage part 1 part 2
Chapter 2: Data manipulation slide
Chapter 3: Operation system part 1 part 2
Chapter 4: Networking and the Internet slide
Chapter 5: Algorithm part 1part 2part 3
Chapter 6: Programming language slide
Chapter 7: Software engineering*
Chapter 8: Data abstraction slide
Chapter 9: Database*
Chapter 10: Computer Graphics (CG)*
Chapter 11: Artificial Intelligence*
Chapter 12: Theory of Computing (covered in Chapter 5, 6)


Usually, we do not give assignments to you. However, there will be stochastic surprises every two or three weeks!

  1. Answer to Quiz 1, download
  2. Answer to Quiz 2, download
  3. Answer to Quiz 3(OS), download
  4. Answer to Quiz 4(Networking), download
  5. Answer to Quiz 5(Algorithm), download


Notice! project performance takes at least 40% of the final score! You will have opportunites to try all these interesting and some time a bit challenging topics. You will practice in groups and can always get help from us (during office hour).

  1. Presentation, details
  2. Flash animation or Film composition, details
  3. Website design, details
  4. Algorithm implementation, details
  5. Adv. Algortihms Projects, details

Please read the Scoring of above projects, details

Here are the selected student's creations of 2014, 2015Fall!

Textbook and references

Brookshear, J Glenn, 2012, Computer science: an overview, Version 11th ed., Addison-Wesley. 计算机科学概论 第11版(英文版)2012, 北京人民邮电出版社出版)

The text book can be purchased from amazon.cn via this link, or booked from Tongji Library. Note the newer edition (12th) is available in 2014, but 11th and 10th are used in this course.

Programming Courses

Interactive programming tutorial C Java Python...

Website specific programming HTML/CSS ...

Software Resources

C++ Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment)


Text editor

Flow chart and Diagram drawing

Open Courses

Harvard University: CS50 Introduction to Computer Science

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